Diablo 2: Resurrected: PTR with funny Easter Egg and Tornado Druid

When the first batch of characters was ready for testing on the PTR, the developers realized they had a mishap. The characters “Bowazon” and “MartialArts” apparently had mercenaries armed with a would-be Infinity bar weapon (Infinity). Would-be because the iconic rune word Ber + Mal + Ber + Is was incorrectly socketed by the developer responsible, namely with Ber + Mal + Ber + Ith.
The result: instead of the runeword infinity, there were only the individual, normal bonuses of the four runes. A mistake that has certainly happened to many Diablo players, and in the case of Immortality it is also particularly annoying because the two BER runes are very rare and expensive.
A funny situation
So Blizzard reacted and introduced a new character with the ironic name “IthIsTheNewIst” to the character selection. The developers are clearly taking themselves for a ride with this.
On this new character, the mercenary now actually carries the right immortality weapon. But soon the next twist in the story should come to the public: Even with the still available “Firezone” there’s a filthy polearm with Ber + Mal + Ber + Ith –
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In other news for the upcoming Diablo 2 Resurrected content patch 2.4, there are not only changes to the balance of classes, but also updates to the mercenaries, which will be done in a variety of ways.
Many players like to use the Desert Mercenary, so the developers want to give you reasons to use the other three mercenaries. Thus, their skills and stats will be improved to highlight their identities, and there will be some among the new rune words that support the changes to the mercenaries from this update.