The Hammers of Destruction (Part 1)

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If the idea of smashing your enemies’ heads into smithereens is an exciting prospect for you in Diablo 2: Resurrected, then today’s selection of Unique Hammers could certainly do the trick for you!

Hammers are a glorious weapon to behold!

Boasting extremely devastating raw power but supplemented by its lack weight and mobility, only a handful of Adventurers are able to wield such mighty weapons, but not for the Assassin, Barbarian and Paladin within the game, though!

By wielding such weapons of mass destruction, you ensure a much better time of sweeping the floor against Baal’s monstrous minions in Diablo 2: Resurrected, and here are a selection of a few Unique Hammers that would do the job nicely for you:


oDamage (One-Handed): (38 – 47) to (58 – 72)
oRequired Level: 27
oRequired Strength: 53
oAttack Speed: Normal
+100% to +150% Damage
+100 to +150 Attack Rating
+1 to +10 Lightning Damage
+10 Strength
+50% Damage to Undead


oDamage (Two-Handed): (90 – 120) to (129 – 172)
oRequired Level: 24
oRequired Strength: 69
oAttack Speed: Normal
+200% to +300% Damage
+100% Damage To Undead
40% chance of ‘Crushing Blow’
+30% Cold Resistance
+30% Fire Resistance


oDamage (Two-Handed): (95 – 133) to (145 – 203)
oRequired Level: 29
oRequired Strength: 50
oAttack Speed: Very Slow
+150% to +250% Damage
+50% Damage To Undead
+40% Attack Speed
-50% Requirements
+25% Heal Stamina


oDamage (One-Handed): 98to 162
oRequired Level: 43
oRequired Strength: 100
oAttack Speed: Slow
+180% Damage
+50% Damage to Undead
5% Chance to cast Level 7 ‘Fissure’ upon each hit
+30% Attack Speed
Hit Blinds Target
+3 to Elemental Skills (Druid Only)

Bloodtree Stump

oDamage (Two-Handed): (148 – 169) to (218 – 249)
oRequired Level: 48
oRequired Strength: 124
oAttack Speed: Slow
+180% to +220% Damage
+50% Damage to Undead
50% Chance of ‘Crushing Blow’
+20 to All Resistances
+25 Strength
+2 to Masteries (Barbarian Only)
+3 to Mace Mastery (Barbarian Only)

Part 2 of this short list will also be coming within the next week or so, so stay tuned for that as well!

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