The Impact Of Positions On FUT 23 Chemistry

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How Positions Affect FUT 23 Chemistry
Footballers will acquire and contribute to chemistry only if they are playing in their favorite position. An out of position player will always be at 0 chemistry with the attributes from their card. You will see a yellow exclamation mark in the chemistry panel that means that the player is out of position. If you move a footballer out of position, it will change their chemistry contribution to team members that have the same parameters. The new system assigns a favorite position and a maximum of three alternative positions to each base player. Base means bronze, silver, and gold player items. For example, Mbappe has striker as a favorite position. Left wing and center forward are alternative positions. You can use a position modifier item to change his favorite position to one of his alternative positions. This way, the player now plays in his favorite position and receives chemistry. You can check out the players’ favorite and alternative positions in the player view or player bio. Certain favorite positions will have automatic alternative positions for all footballers that have these positions. They will bring a contribution to one of the three possible alternative positions. This is valid only for the initial favorite position. Players that are part of campaigns such as Team of the Week might get new favorites and/or alternative positions to open up their team building potential. You can use the concept squads and transfer market to see the available positions. Position modifiers have been concentrated into a single item. After the footballer changes their favorite position, the old favorite becomes an alternative position. It’s possible to switch back and revert the footballer to his original favorite position. Formations in FUT 23 have received some changes too. There weren’t many right forward and left forward items in the game. Only two formations had these positions. These positions have been removed. The formations that used these positions now use center forward.