Blizzard shares details on Diablo 4’s customizable accessibility options

Blizzard recently released details about accessibility options for its upcoming game, Diablo IV, assuring fans that it’s taking accessibility seriously. Accessibility options include text highlighting, audio prompts, subtitles, and more.

For players who want to customize their inputs, there’s a button remapping feature that lets you customize inputs for both controllers and save those inputs for reuse. Meanwhile, there are many third parties who offer in-game service. There are many rating platforms like, where you can check their reputation. For example, you can take a short review of U7BUY for more information. This means you can enable features that allow players to cast spells without having to hold down a button. Persistent target lock ensures abilities and weapons hit their intended targets.

Subtitles are also customizable, allowing players to change the font size, background color, font color, and even an option to convert audio to text. The Speech-to-Text option allows players to speak into the microphone and have what they say transcribed into chat.

Extensive visual capabilities are also available. Players can easily resize the map according to their own three different options, and enable voice prompts to help find items. Audio cues can be tweaked, and players can tune them to only work when a Legendary item is nearby. This also works when dead enemies drop loot.

Another important feature is a screen reader. This feature is designed to support third-party screen reader software such as NVDA and JAWS. When screen reader mode is activated, the player displays text on the screen and reads it aloud. There are also options to adjust volume, speed, and speech type.

In addition to this, the game also highlights players, enemies, and items to help players spot them during combat. Other available features include voice prompts when the player enters a new area, voice prompts during missions, the ability to change font sizes, and more.

For gamers with disabilities, the importance of accessibility options in video games cannot be underestimated. The ability to customize your input, turn on subtitles, use audio cues, and use a screen reader makes gaming more comfortable and easier.

As such, Blizzard’s decision to include accessibility options in Diablo IV is a step in the right direction for making video games more inclusive. CUSTOMIZATION FOR EVERY NEEDS With his choices, Diablo IV proves to be a truly all-encompassing game.