What You Need To Know About The Diablo 4 Seasonal Content

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Diablo 4 Seasonal Content, Quest Lines, and Progress

So when will the first Diablo 4 season arrive? The plan is to start introducing more content in the second half of July. The reason is to allow players to have enough time to discover the story and to go through the campaign at a relaxed pace. We will have four seasons each year. One season will last one quarter. That is roughly four months. We can expect to see a new theme with each season. As for the seasonal content, that includes quest chains. All we know about these new stories is that they won’t have anything to do with the main campaign. We will have expansions that continue the main story. The seasonal quests are based on seasonal themes and will help players get familiar with the unique features of that season. New mechanics will be available with each season. The developers want to give players reasons to make new characters and experiment with all kinds of builds. The seasonal mechanics are tied to that specific season meaning they will go away at the end of the season. The journey feature from Diablo 3 stays. We will obtain important rewards when the season ends. These rewards include legendary aspects. Seasonal characters are automatically deleted at the end of the season. The evergreen mode allows you to keep your characters. The campaign skipping option will also be available in seasons. After you finish the campaign with a character, you can skip it with the next character. You don’t have to unlock mounts on all characters. You will have access to them on all characters and levels. The attribute boosts from the altars of Lilith are permanent. Renown bonuses don’t follow the same rule. Seasonal updates will include quality of life features. Endgame content such as bosses and dungeons will be available in each season. The leaderboard will be available starting with season three.