Diablo 2 Resurrected adds an awesome new runeword

Remember that you can Buy cheap D2R items at U7buygames safely so you can take advantage of these new bonuses for your favorite classes as the opportunity arises. Diablo 2: Resurrected is gearing up for update 2.4 and we’re slowly learning details about what we can expect. Now, we’ve received confirmation that Blizzard will be adding a new rune word to Diablo 2, the first time this has happened for 17 years.

According to YouTuber Dbrunski125, his latest video has revealed that this rune word is called Unbendable Will, which has some similarities to Breath of Death and can only be cast on 6 open-take swords.

Diablo 2 Risen adds an awesome new rune word.
It also has significant damage, offering a 330% base increase to your damage modifier. You can watch the video below, and we’ve also included the full stats for Unyielding Will.

Unyielding Will
Damage is reduced by 8
Avoid healing monsters
+1 to light radius
+3 to combat skills (only for the barbarian)
+10 to strength
+10 to vitality
8% of life stolen per hit
9 maximum damage
18% chance to cast level 18 taunt when hitting
20% attack speed
50 attack rate against undead
50 to attack rate
75% damage to undead
330% enhanced damage
Requirements: 20%.

Separately, the Diablo 2: Resurrected public testing realm (PTR) also went live in preparation for the 2.4 update to aid stress testing, allowing players to choose from level 99 characters. It looks like there will be more changes, so we’ll keep you posted on Diablo 2 news as they happen.