Discover The End Of Event Rewards In FIFA 23 World Cup

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How To Claim FIFA 23 End of Event World Cup Prizes

The World Cup introduces a new collection of players. If you want to see how many of these items you have obtained so far, you need to access the World Cup section from the main FIFA 23 menu. This section will be available in the game starting on November 11th. You will also see the duplicate players you have acquired. The 10 reward levels are another info displayed in this section. Players will advance through these levels as they get more World Cup cards. When you complete a level, you get access to more prizes. Those who finish all 10 levels unlock access to all the prizes. These rewards include packs and player choices. The End of Event rewards only take into consideration the World Cup players that are time limited. You can start to claim these prizes after January 4th. This is also the date when the World Cup Player cards expire. They will be removed from your teams on this day. When the rewards become available, the World Cup players you have obtained will not be tracked anymore. You can get the rewards from the World Cup section. A World Cup takeover will happen in the second season of FIFA 23. Players will be able to enjoy a series of campaigns and events. These are based on tournament happenings. Unforgettable moments and special performances will be recognized with celebrations. All items that come from the campaigns are yours to keep forever. They do not expire so you can use them in your teams after the tournament ends. The World Cup Heroes collection becomes available on November 11th. The release includes two teams. Those who have bought the game by August 21st, get a World Cup Hero card on November 11th. This card cannot be traded. The World Cup Hero collection numbers 21 items.