FIFA 23: FUT Icon Eto’o

U7buystore is best place for you to buy FIFA 23 Coins. Several notable players have been removed from FIFA publications over the past few years, and another player’s place in the FIFA 23 roster may be in question. We are talking about Samuel Eto’o, whose place in the game was in jeopardy after a video appeared showing him outside the stadium 974 in Doha, Qatar. He was leaving the stadium as this footage was captured by La Opinion after Brazil comfortably beat South Korea in the round of 16 of the World Cup.

Initially, Eto’o appeared happy posing for pictures with waiting fans as he made his way out of the stadium.

FIFA removed icons from previous FUT games, which could mean that Eto’o’s place in FIFA is in serious jeopardy. Last year, it was announced that Argentine football hero Diego Maradona would be removed from the game following a dispute. Arsenal legend Mark Overmars was also expelled from FIFA 22 following allegations of harassment against him, which led to his subsequent removal from the Ajax board of directors.

Former Mason Greenwood has been removed from all FIFA 22 game modes after being arrested. Eto’o, who is in Qatar as a legacy ambassador for the 2022 World Cup, retired from football in 2019. Arguably the best African player, he was part of the team that won the gold medal. His prime career came when he served Barcelona, where he won the Spanish La Liga title three times and the UEFA Champions League twice.